Roya Medical Center is a Dubai-based all-in one center of excellence funded and led by Dr. Roya Pourghorban in 2016,We at Roya Medical Center, are aiming to provide the highest quality care in a safe, relaxed and comfortable environment for everyone. People trust RMC for excellent health and wellness enhancement care and solutions. We provide our patients a world class experience in multiple departments , OB& GYN, Infertility Treatment ,General Dentistry ,Cosmetic Dentistry , Dental Implantology, Dermatology ,Heir transplantation. Plastic Surgery . Laser and skin care .Beauty Therapy . Aesthetics Medicine , Anti aging Medicine ,Orthopedics surgery . Physiotherapy . weight Loss and slimming Department.General Practitioner .IV Infusion Therapy 

Our team is perfectly equipped to give the best possible treatment, by utilizing ultra-advanced equipment, state of the art facilities and futuristic procedures. We strongly believe in “quality and better service”.

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The mission of Roya Medical Center in Dubai is to provide you the best Quality healthcare, thanks to the best technologies available, highly selected doctors and the most personalized care. Provide safe care with optimum results in an environment where trust, confidentiality and care are the drivers of our service.


Dr. Roya Pourgorban
Specialist in Obstetrics, Gynecology and IVF

Dr. Hossein Abdali
Plastic Surgeon Aesthetic &
Cosmetic surgery

Dr. Masoumeh Golshahr
General Dentist

DR. Hussein Abu Hassan
MD. TCM Specialist Acupuncture

Negin Jafari

Roya medical center is committed to your healthy future! Our facility is equipped with modern technologies and expert staff to provide you the best possible patient care in Dubai.
Our Doctors have expertise in their particular fields, dealt thousands of cases and give invaluable diagnostic and treatment.
Roya Medical Center is committed to being leaders in developing educational, training and knowledge programs and is Dubai based all-in one centre of excellence in obstetrics and gynecology, Cosmetic surgery, Plastic surgery, Pediatrics, Dermatology, Dental treatments, Orthopedic treatments, Weight Loss, Diet and Nutrition, laser treatments, Physiotherapy and Pregnancy Yoga classes, Medical education CME classes, Medical Tourism and Patient support groups. Our services are very popular and have attracted numerous multi cultural nationalities around the world. People trust RMC for excellent health and wellness  enhancement solutions.
Roya means dream in Arabic (Persian/Turkish/Azeri languages) but mostly is used for a strongly desired goal or purpose, something that fully satisfies a wish, something notable for its beauty, excellence, or enjoyable quality. When I was born as the first child of my parents they say it took for them 3 months to find a proper name for me and finally my Uncle his name was Issa (Jesus) called me Roya!.In Perisan / Azeri Background which I come from Roya means the biggest dream of anybody !
My biggest Dream became achieving their biggest dream in life !

Insurance accepted (Pay and claim facility, easy installment plan available)
We are partner with multiple insurance companies to offer critical and acute care designed to designed to address a range of unique and complex care treatments to our patients.for some of insurances we provide direct billing and others we can help you to do reimbursement for services that is covered by your insurance.