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with 2 Branches Located in Dubai/UAE 

-Jumeirah 1 , Al Wasl road 

_Al Barsha 2 , Umm Suqaym Road 


Our Services 



Facial Injections
Anti wrinkle  Injections , Skin Boosters, Collagen Booster Injections, Fillers .

HydraFacial MD , Thalgo Facial , Diamond Facial ,Dermapen Meso ,Carbon Laser Facial.

Non Surgical Face Lift
Morpheus8 , HIFU, Fotona 4D,Thread Lift


Pigmentation Removal
Pico Laser , BBL HERO , Q Switch Laser , Chemical Peels. 

Acne Scar Treatment
RF Microneedling ,Fractional Laser , Subcision , TCA CROSS , Collagen Stimulation

Pas Smear, STD Screening,Fertility Check Up ,Egg Freezing , IUI,IVF
EMSCULPT NEO , Morpheus 8 Body , Fat Melting Injection
Fat Freezing 


Skin Rejuvenation

Fractional Laser, Halo Laser , BBL Hero, Forever Young














In teens and 20s people are worried about Active Acne , Acne Scars ,Pigmentations ,Hirsutism.
When it reaches to 30s ,starts worrying about hair loss , fine wrinkles, skin sagging , … and in middle age ofcourse mosty skin saggy ness and aging .
there is something should keep in mind ,That’s collagen loss starts as early as 20s and should always keep stimulating collagen synthesis to delay the aging .
We always advise that prevention is better Than treatment , So keep your Sunscreen and sunglasses as close as possible and start routine skin care as early as possible(Vit C, Retinoids).
by aging our face loses Bone mass , Muscle Mass , Fat Mass and collagen and elastin of skin . So a good treatment Plan should tackle all these layers to achieve the best result.
1. Bone Loss : We can fix with Calcium Fillers .
2. Muscle Loss : Needs  Regular Facial EMS(Electro Muscle Stimulation)
3.Fat Loss : Can be fixed by collagen boosters and fillers 
4, Saggy skin: can be fixed by energy devices and threads.
5. Skin rejuvenation : can be done by fractional lasers , skin boosters and PRP,Retinoids 





Pico Laser

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