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Things to know

Slimming Treatments ! Its!better to be part of your GYM routines to get rid of all those stubborn fats pads.

Our Slimming Treatments

Morpheus8 Body
cavi lipo
Pb serum
Fat Freezing By Cooltech

Slimming Package 4500 AED

Do you want to get rid of those stubborn fat on your belly or love handles without surgery ?

Try our 3 month Slimming program for Only 4500 AED.

Slimming Package is including :

  • 3 sessionsĀ  Fat Freezing or Fat Melting injection on any (one area )
  • of your choice .
  • 6 Sessions Encurve Treatment
  • 6 sessions Cavi Lipo Treatment

Book For Free Consultation with one of our experts to see ourĀ  machines and check which treatment plan suits you .

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