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Orthopedic Surgery is a special branch of surgery that deals with different conditions involving the musculoskeletal system in our body. Orthopedic Surgeons use both surgical and nonsurgical means to manage most problems involving muscles, bones and articulation surfaces.
Orthopedic Surgeons commonly manage fractures, sport injuries, trauma to the muscles and joint, spine disorders,infections, tumors and congenital disorders.
In Roya medical center we provide the following services and treatment:
• Arthroplasty, which involves total joint reconstruction by replacement, remodeling or realignment. 
• Sports Medicine, which deals with treating and preventing injuries related to sports and excursive.This can be done arthroscopically too which is minimally invasive surgeries . 
• Spine surgery.
• Hand surgery . 
• Shoulder , knee and  elbow  injuries and diseases , among these injuries we are doing shoulder and knee arthroscopic surgeries for mostly all the cases .
• Foot and ankle surgery.including also the arthroscopic surgeries. 
• Musculoskeletal Oncology, which deals with benign and malignant tumors.
• Orthopedic trauma.
• Pediatric Orthopedics, which is directed towards children’s musculoskeletal disorders.
 . Cartilage repair and reconstruction disease treatment by surgical and non surgical methods. 
Modern orthopedic surgery and musculoskeletal research has sought to make surgery less invasive and to make implanted components better and more durable.mainly using the arthroscopic surgeries ( doing the surgery through small wounds using the camera ) . 
We have special clinic for treatment of osteoarthritis cases with the most advanced non surgical techniques with full care about the diet and Physiotherapy.

Our Services Include:

  • Sport medicine 
  •  Spine 
  • Pediatric
  • Hand and Foot
  • Trauma
  • Arthroplasty and joint reconstruction
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