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You may visit a Gynaecology clinic in dubai if you have any problem related to:


Intercourse Vaginismus
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Sexually Transmited Disease

Annual Check up

Pap smear

Irregular Period

Ovarian cyst



Labia plasty

Vaginal Tightening


Erectile Dysfunc tion

Labia plasty

Vaginal Tightenin

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Gynecology in Dubai

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Dr Roya


Dr. Roya Pourghorban

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Dr Karunakar


Dr. Karunakar Marikinti

OBGYN Consultant

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Why You should see Gynecologist ?

Still There is lots of problems , Ladies keep suffering in silence

 From Sexual health related issues to contraception to Infertility related subjects , Still lots of ladies are suffering in silence without opening it up with a medical care giver .

Your Gynecologist can hear you and advise even to see a psychologist if you are facing with post partum depression or post traumatic Anxiety disorder following ( Sexual Abuse ) 

Don’t forget “Sexual Abuse”  is an emergency issue and you need to see your doctor to prevent early or late consequences .



Our Services 


First Trimester screening is a must to rule out any chromosomal abnormality and down syndrome in baby. 

with simply drawing couple of ml blood at 10 weeks gestation we can assure you about the karyotype and also we can find out gender of baby .

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Basically in first 12 weeks we use vaginal ultrasound and later on using abdominal ultrasound we can measure the growth of fetus and check fetus organs , amniotic fluid , placenta position and fetal presentation .

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You can watch your baby through 3D/ 4D ultrasound modality . Basically for anomaly scan we use regular 2 D ultrasound and 3D/4D is only to what the baby and see to whom she or he looks like ! take some photos for future Album and get more bounding with your baby 

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Pregnancy Care Package

We have special pregnancy care packages. 

for Normal pregnancy every 4 weeks and for high risk pregnancy every 2 weeks . these packages starts from 12 weeks and covers till delivery  

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External cephalic Version

In Breech presentation , in case it meets certain Criteria , Doctor Roya does “External Cephalic Version ” to change the position of the head of baby from Breech to cephalic to  avoid C section delivery . Currently Dr Roya Is the only one in UAE doing this method ( learn from Dr Zeinab Kazem Al Shunnar with experience on thousands of pregnant ladies )

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Normal Delivery C/ Section

We are affiliated with Emirates Hospital ( Jumeirah Branch ) . Dr Roya with more than 20 years experience on NVD . VBAC( vaginal Birth after C Section ) , Breech Delivery , Twins delivery .Internal and External cephalic version .

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