Laser Hair Removal Candela Gentle Max Pro
Alexandrite & Nd Yag laser
Safe & Effective for all Skin Types
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laser hair removal

Why To Choose Candela ?

Fastest Treatment by completing full body in about 45 Minutes 

Best Hair Clearance by 3 msec technology

 Dynamic cooling device with highest client satisfaction

Effective on all Skin types 

FDA approved with highest safty profile 

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Hair life cycle


Alexandrite & Nd:YAG laser wavelengths have high absorption on melanin, when laser is absorbed, the energy thermally damages bulge & bulb cells, these cells are responsible for hair growth and removing them prevents future hair regrowth.

The hair is rich in melanin & has a life cycle of 3 stages:

  • Anagen: this growing stage is the ideal target of laser hair removal, the hair is fully attached to the bulge & bulb cells which can be thermally damaged by burning the hair.
  • Catagen & Telogen: hair in this stage stops growing and is not attached to the bulge & bulb cells, hence burning hair by laser doesn’t remove bulge & bulb cells. These cells can be removed once the hair cycle returns to anagen stage, which explains the need for multiple sessions.

Targeting melanin in hair


Hair removal lasers target melanin which is present in both hair & skin, hence a protection of skin from the thermal effect is needed. Hair removal lasers use different cooling technologies to cancel the thermal effect of laser & protect skin.

Candela’s proprietary Dynamic Cooling Device (DCD) cools the skin precisely & consistently in a way that prevents under-cooling of skin that may cause burns, and over-cooling that may leak to hair itself & affect results.

Hair removal efficacy

Efficacy of hair removal necessitates using a pulse duration shorter than the Thermal Relaxation Time (TRT) of hair, when achieved, the hair gains temperature faster than its losing it till it reaches the burning point.

The TRT of the hair depends on its size, smaller hairs have low TRT which needs low pulse duration to reach the burning point.

GentleMax Pro avails 3 msec, the lowest pulse duration in hair removal supported by the high protection by the patent DCD cooling, which makes it effective in thick & resistant thin hair.

GMAX feature 4
Efficacy enabled by safety
High skin protection enabled by the DCD allows the usage of ‘3 msec’ …the lowest hair removal pulse duration. This fast burning of the follicle doesn’t allow it to cool down & therefore it enables effective hair removal even for thin hairs.
GMAX feature 8
Hair reduction, not thinning
The fast burning of hair under ‘3 msec’ fully damages the hair follicle stem cells. Longer pulse durations in other lasers partially damages hair follicle stem cells resulting in regrowth of fine hairs that are resistant to lasers.
Extra treatmen

GMAX feature 5

t speed
The DCD spray instantly evaporates & cools the skin. This allows the use of high repetition rate resulting in faster treatments hence more sessions per day. Other cooling types obligate using a lower repetition
GMAX feature 9
Matches small areas
GentleLaser comes with nine spot sizes from 6-24 mm, these several spot size choices facilitate matching the size of different areas like the bikini line & beard shaping with ease.
rate due to its gradual slow cooling rate.
GMAX feature 12
The cold laser
The DCD cooling enables a comfortable & highly safe treatments that has become known by patients as “The Cold Laser”.
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