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Roya Medical Center is committed to being leaders in developing educational, training and knowledge programs and is Dubai based all-in one centre of excellence in obstetrics and gynecology, Cosmetic surgery, Plastic surgery, Pediatrics, Dermatology, Dental treatments, Orthopedic treatments, Weight Loss, Diet and Nutrition, laser treatments, Physiotherapy and Pregnancy Yoga classes, Medical education CME classes, Medical Tourism and Patient support groups. Our services are very popular and have attracted numerous multi cultural nationalities around the world. People trust RMC for excellent health and wellness enhancement solutions. Roya means dream in Arabic (Persian/Turkish/Azeri languages) but mostly is used for a strongly desired goal or purpose, something that fully satisfies a wish, something notable for its beauty, excellence, or enjoyable quality. When I was born as the first child of my parents they say it took for them 3 months to find a proper name for me and finally my Uncle his name was Issa (Jesus) called me Roya!.In Perisan / Azeri Background which I come from Roya means the biggest dream of anybody ! My biggest Dream became achieving their biggest dream in life !

Roya Medical Center

What Our Customers Say

TRUST in your Physician is most important !!! As an American in this part of the world being a Healthcare Professional, I see many Healthcare Facilities and Physicians. I would like to say I am very impressed with Dr. Roya and her staff at Roya Medical Center. She has the expertise, professionalism, and class to manage your Healthcare needs. If you are a woman needing that personal care, that most of us as women need, I suggest that you visit Roya Medical Center!!!
Paula Hall
Dr. Roya you are very nice person with very friendly nature. Thank you for helping us to fulfill our biggest dream in life. Even your staff is very nice. We feel very honored to be your patient. You are really amazing!
Jaswant kaur
I visited Dr. Golshahr at Roya Medical Center and she was amazing!! She did cleaning and zoom whitening on my teeth and the result is amazing!! She is very kind and gentle on the teeth. My teeth are few shades lighter then in was and I love the result! Roya Medical Center was also very good in making the appointment and reminding me of my appointment and treatment! WOW
Bahar Niko
As I have finished my IVF package and journey with you I wanted to write these words to you which I have felt for a long time now. I want to thank you for all the efforts, emotions, time and resources that you put into this journey for me. I truly felt that you genuinely care for me and wanted me to get pregnant. Not just pregnant but also happy no matter what the results were. At times you made me feel like a friend and like a little sister. I pray and hope for the best for you, your clinic and all your patients. Thank you for everything.
A Patient

Insurance accepted (Pay and claim facility, easy instalment plan available)

We are partner with multiple insurance companies to offer critical and acute care designed to designed to address a range of unique and complex care treatments to our patients.