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Get to Know Halo Laser

Dynamic Thermal Optimization

Dynamic Thermal Optimization automatically adjusts the power of each individual 1470nm pulse based on the temperature of the patient’s skin. This feature makes HALO the most precise, safe, comfortable, and consistent non-ablative technology on the market.

The Science Behind HALO


HALO offers several unique proprietary technologies, including:

The 2940 nm wavelength of HALO targets the epidermis (or top layer of the skin) and is tunable from 20μm to 100μm to precisely vaporize tissue in a controlled manner to address textural issues and pore size.

The 1470 nm wavelength of HALO targets the dermis is tunable from 250μm to 700μm to address deeper sun damage, stimulate collagenesis, and remove other dermal pigmentary issues.

Each wavelength can be tuned independently for precise coverage and depth.

How it Works

01. Overview

HALO combines ablative & non-ablative wavelengths to address multiple levels of skin concerns in one efficient treatment.

02. Targeted Wavelengths

Ablative wavelengths target and treat the skin for surface-level conditions such as textural issues and pore size. By creating small thermal injuries in the skin, this kickstarts production of new, healthy skin for visible results in a short period of time.

03. Effective Results

The non-ablative wavelength targets deeper sun damage and other dermal pigmentary issues. Together, these wavelengths provide both short-term results and long-term benefits to a wide variety of patients.

Together, these wavelengths provide both short-term results and long-term benefits to a wide variety of patients.

Treatable Areas

HALO can treat all skin types and can be used anywhere on the body.

Neck / Chest /Hands /Arms /Legs /Face

What It Treats

HALO treats a variety of common skin concerns.


wrinkles and Fine lines 

Sun damage & dyschromia

Scar Revision

Pigmented Lesions

Enlarged Pores

Acne scars



Halo Laser


Patients treated with HALO experience an improvement frequently referred to as “the HALO Glow.”

Remarkable results are often achieved in a single treatment, while older, non-hybrid technologies typically require 5 to 6 treatments to demonstrate similar results.

Only a topical anesthetic is recommended (no nerve blocks), and patients can resume normal activity within 24 hours after treatment




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