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Our Dermatology department basically is divided in 3 sub groups :

1.General Dermatology

to take care of all Dermatologic disease and prevention and treatment of skin cancers and dermal allergy .

consultation  charge in this section is 500 AED and sometimes will be paid by your insurance coverage .

2. Cosmetic dermatology ;

In this feild we have Beauty experts that can give you complementary consultation sessions to see what procedures are suitable for you based on your age , skin type ,skin imperfections and your own needs and insecurities . after setting a treatment plan each part of it will be done by different members of our team as per their experince in each procedure to get the best results as you looks for or even better .

3. Hair Loss treatment and hair transplantation ;

this part is under Dr Hanieh Erdmann , our German Board Dermatologist and you will be directed to her department to continue your jeurney .


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