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Dermal Fillers is made with hyaluronic acid and is used to add volume to area .

basically using permanent fillers is not aloowed any more to prevent from lots of unwanted complications that may occur .

currently a wide range of fillers are available in the market . Each Brand also has different types to be used in different parts of face or body .

Although its important which brand you are using its also most important to choose the most appropriate type for that certain area that you are injecting .

For Example if you want to choose Juvederm ,


you have to know that juvederm itself has multiple subtypes : Villbela , Volift , Volux, Voluma , Ultra 3 , ultra 4 , 

all of them has some differences that makes them even different in price as well . 

so lets say for your lips if you go for Volbella , although its most  expensive than Ultra 3 but will give you more natural look  but  don’t last as long as ultra 3 .

the other Fillers that we are using is 


Restylane is the other FDA approved american brand , Its gives very good lift and contour but it dont last as long as lets say Voluma juvederm .


This brand is made by welknown company LG and oresented by Imdad company in our region. it Has very comparable results with above mentioned brands and currently we are using it specially for lips.


Revofil is korean brand currently has got MOH approval to be used in the UAE .

It has the thickest product as Revofil Ultra that we find it more long lasting to use for facial contouring . 


All Fillers that we are using is hyaluronic acid based and can be melt by specific enzyme called hyaluronidase in case you didn’t like the result or as if there is any complication .

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