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Treatment of Painful intercourse (vaginismus) with Botox injection 

 The use of Botox injections intravaginally and progressive dilation under anesthesia has been shown to cure vaginismus.

Dr Roya Pourghorban our specialist OBGYN and Infertility treatment specialist has started this treatment since 2001 and in more than 19 years experience has never had even one case who did not get benefit from this treatment . she believes that with patient selection based on physical examination and patients history almost all selected cases will benefit from this treatment . 

As per Dr Roya , Painful intercourse can happen due to multiple reasons but actually the most common one is the spontaneous spasm of pelvic muscles that can be relaxed properly with botox injection inside affected muscles . after injection patient will be instructed to use dilators for only few days and in 2 weeks will experience the maximum relaxation and comfort . very rarely second injection is indicated if the muscles are so strong and she needs higher doses of botox. .

for consultation please book with Dr Roya Pourghorban , Specialist OBGYN at Roya Medicl Center 

for more updates follow her on Instagram @obgyn.dubai 



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