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Treatment of Anal Fissure with Botox Injection

An anal fissure is a small tear, cut or crack in the skin that lines the anus (back passage). Although anal fissures may occur at any age, most commonly they occur in children and young adults. Anal fissures can give rise to severe pain and rectal bleeding or blood in stools when passing a bowel motion.

Treatment aims to avoid constipation by increasing fiber and using laxatives to soften the stool. Special creams such as Rectogesic (GTN ointment) and Anoheal (diltiazem) can relieve pain and spasm and can speed healing. Most fissures settle with medical treatment but occasionally, an operation may be necessary. Injection of the anus with Botox can help relieve spasm and induce healing. Its very easy and will be done in the clinic and no need operation room . most of cases can be treated with Botox injection only few cases Occasionally, a sphincterotomy operation (small cut in the anal sphincter muscle) is required to heal a chronic fissure.

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