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About us  : Established in Dubai /UAE in 2016 , Roya Medical Center  is an industry excellence and pioneer  in OB GYN /I VF Treatment , Cosmetic Dentistry , l Laser Hair Removal, Skin Care Treatments, Slimming Solutions, Medico-Aesthetic Services and Cosmetic & Plastic surgery. Treatments are performed by highly skilled Specialists  and medical practitioners and take place in a relaxed comforting atmosphere.

RMC  addresses customer needs with the most advanced, proven, non-invasive medical and aesthetic technology. Roya Medical Center  enhances the personal wellbeing, confidence and self-esteem of its customers in a safe and professional environment.


Scientific and technological innovations in  medico-aesthetic treatments are advancing day by Day Therefore With a dedicated medical advisory team charged with exploring new technologies, RMC continuously evaluates new therapies, equipment and procedures to ensure best results and value for its clients.

Thanks to Our reputation and our relationships with manufacturers and researchers, We are in a position to evaluate new  medico-aesthetic technologies even before they come on the market. This puts us in a prime position to stay ahead of the field and provide the best service and satisfaction for our customers.



“To establish RMC as the trusted and leader in high quality, personalized, luxury  medico-aesthetic, cosmetic & plastic surgery and skin care treatments.”

Customer service excellence
RMC listens to its customers who are encouraged to provide regular feedback to the company. Their needs are addressed by branch managers and by  customer relations team.

 Passion to win
What sets RMC apart from the competition is its potent mix of competence, efficiency, excellent team  work and a passion to excel.

Constant innovation in quality services
In order to maintain its leadership position in a fast expanding market, the company constantly introduces new services through innovative strategies.

Operational excellence
The RMC medical protocols and operational procedures and guidelines provide  our staff with reliable reference tools designed to help team members resolve technical or service issues and handle patient concerns. 

Since its founding in 2016 , RMC has been committed to hiring highly competent talent and to fostering a spirit of teamwork. Today, the RMC  family is fortunate to have some of the most talented people in the industry working harmoniously, exchanging innovative ideas, learning from each other and delivering the top customer service.
RMC’s strategy is to attract and retain people who subscribe to the company culture and fully utilize their own high potential.

So ,who don’t follow companies spirit will not be able to stay with us for longer  .



Client First ! Project management strategy 

The most experienced , Scientific Team 

FDA approved, state-of-the-art systems
Strong brand recognition
Ability to address customers’ needs
Quality of service
Best in class IT platform
Convenient locations
Inviting atmosphere


We strongly believe in “quality and better service”.

Our most wanted treatments :

  • Obgyn / Women check up
  • Infertility treatment/ IVF / IUI
  • Aesthetic Gynecology / Labiaplasty/ Diva laser vaginal tightening.
  • Aesthetic medicine :
  • Filler injections / lip filler / under eye filler / jaw line / facial contouring
  • Botox injection /Forhead / around eyes / neck / masseter Botox / Botox for vaginismus / Botox for migraine/ Botox for Anal Fissure
  • Facelift ( surgical and non surgical with hifu and threads )
  • Skin rejuvenation : PRP
  • Halo laser , Fotona Laser ,
  • Pico laser , fractional laser
  • Morpheus 8 / secret rf / dermapen
  • skin rejuvenation : sculptra/ Radiesse
  • skin rejuvenation : Profhilo
  • Tattoo Removal / Picoway
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