Looking For 4D Ultrasound Offer in Dubai ?

Looking for “4D Ultrasound” in Dubai To watch your baby ? Here is were you can come .

Roya Medical Center offers 4D Ultrasound from as early as 8 weeks till delivery to see your baby and facial features . and record photo and video for later .

Watch your Baby with us

Special Offer 

500 AED Only 

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It’s always a special time when you get to see your baby throughout your pregnancy. But often you may feel a little disappointed at the lack of clarity a 2D pregnancy scan can show – with the image being a grey, blurry outline.

3D/4D pregnancy scan shows your baby in the skin and flesh. You’ll even be able to make out their little nose and lips!

The cost for our 4D Scan is 1000 AED  with the promise of a free rescan if we cannot get clear images on your first appointment.

but we have Special offer for only 500 AED! 

4D Ultrasound

    • 20-minute appointment. Long scan times and

       if the baby is playful and clever and maybe hiding,

       we’ll let them have it their way try again later the same day
      • A OBGYN Specialist will do the scan
       • We guarantee a free 4D rescan if we cannot get clear           images on the first day
         • You will see the baby’s heartbeat and you’ll be able to listen too, we will establish the beats per minute
        > > Not included  :Regular 2D Ultrasound to see if the baby is in the right place, check the weight and check the growth is not included in offer price and its only to see 3D/4D images .

    • We will establish the number of babies you are having
    • Gender confirmation is not included in  offer.
• All digital images and 4D scan video will be emailed or     

 whatsapp to you after the scan for free

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