‘The Art of Healing’ or ‘The Better Healing’.

Safe.Simple and Swift mode of healing is what Homeopathy is all about. Most effective tor Women, Children and number of Chronic diseases. Also, those diseases with Psychosomatic origin resulting into Stress and Anxiety related problems which have become so very common in our present society.

It acts on the Principles of ‘likes’and The ‘Doctrine of Signature’ to some extent resembling the approach of ‘Prophetic Medicine’. It believes in treating the patient as a whole considering the totality of Symptoms.
Causations, Generals, Physicals and the Mind. In other words assessing the Entire Constitution of the individual and choose a remedy as per the Similimum.

It can treat a wide range of diseases from acute to chronic provided one has the Patience and Confidence on the pathy and the Doctor. In a nut shell…It treats the individual as a whole and not only his symptoms.

Some of indications are :

Homeopathy for treatment of :Asthma, Thyroiditis, Anexiety, Insomnia, Depression, Warts, IBS, Molluscum, PCODs, Lichen Planus, Urticaria, Eczemas, Psoriasis, HPV ,Autism, ADHD, Stammering, Colitis, Hyper acidity, Adenoids, Sinusitis, Hypertension, Infertility, Menopausal syndrome, Bronchitis, Varicocele, Cervical Spondylitis, Labor and Delivery.