DR. Rozina Baig Zaheer

Homeopathic Consultant

Twenty one years has been a rich and fruitful journey in the field of Homeopathy Medicine. As a child, I always dreamt of being a Psychiatrist, so I always try to understand the most important and highest faculty of Human body, that is the HUMAN MIND’.

How one’s perception and understanding of the universe can be different for another individual and how the imbalance on a mental plane can be reflected on a physical plane disturbing the harmony of health.


Coming from a family of Homeopath’s, these were the first lines I had ever heard about Homeopathy but then as a child I never understood it. Now as I am practicing this science it feels very simple to understand and experiencing this thought practically that a good Homeopath is always a good psychiatrist as well.

Homeopathy is an Art, a Skill and the Art of case perceivance matters the most to be a Good and Successful Homeopath.

Completed my graduation at A.M.Sheikh Homeopathic Medical college, Belgaum, India in 1995 and thereafter joined as a trainee at Mafkhar Clinics, Mumbai under the guidance of Dr Mirza Anwer Baig, a renowned name in Homeopathy and had a vast exposure to Immunological disorders, Cancers and AIDS for a period of 8 years. It was here that I developed the confidence in Homeopathy as a Curative and a Dependable pathy.

At the same time completed my Diploma in Naturopathy from M/s Aarish Academy of Alternative Therapy, Mumbai.

Also joined as a lecturer at Aarish Academy of Alternative Therapy from 1998 to 2003. Specialized in Bach Flower remedies and Yoga as a Therapeutics.

Pediatrics was always my interest and children with Immunological related diseases like Allergies, Eczema, Respiratory Allergies and ENT problems were common in my practice. Also dealing with children suffering from ADHD AND AUTISM has been my special interest.

Psychosomatic problems leading to Anxiety, Stress, Insomnia or Depression and Gynecological problem’s with Hormonal imbalance have been another spectrum where I have seen the success of Homeopathy.

Have presented various papers on Role of Homeopathy in Immunological disorders in National and International conferences within India and UAE and contributed articles on Homeopathy in National Homeopathic Journal, links and Sehetnama(A reputed magazine published from Mubai, India).

In UAE I started my career as a Homeopath in 2003 at New Medical Centre Sharjah and developed a very high level of interaction with various types of patients over a period of one year. After which worked for another year as a Homeopath consultant at Aftimoss Polyclinc Sharjah and then at Dallah Medical clinic Sharjah  from 2008 till  2017. Also attached to Mafkhar clinics Mumbai as a Visiting Doctor and  working  under the expertise of Dr Mirza Anwer Baig the main focus being Homeopathy as a Curative in Cancers and Immunological Disorders.

At present I am privileged to be a part of highly experienced and qualified team of Doctors at Roya Medical Centre, Dubai and hope to pursue my Passion of Homeopathy to the best of my ability and be remembered as a Healer in the Hearts of my patients.

My belief that ‘We treat and He Cures’ has always been my strength and shall continue to be.

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I trust her diagnosis and treatment procedures completely
Dr. Rozina has been my doctor for over 12 years now. I come from a household that believes in homeopathy and Dr. Rozina has instated that faith further. My children have been treated by her since a young age. When allopathic doctors failed to understand my son’s acid reflux issue, Dr. Rozina nursed him back to good health. I trust her diagnosis and treatment procedures completely.


Her easy and remote accessibility has comforted us.
Over the last decade, we have been consulting Dr. Rozina for Homeopathy treatment. Thankfully, we have saved ourselves from being subjected to unnecessary medical procedures encashing health insurance. Her easy and remote accessibility has comforted us. Her approach has reaffirmed our belief that it not only takes lot of education to become a great medical professional but human sensitivity is also the key to healing.


My faith in Homeopathy has affirmed because of her treatments
Dr. Rozina has been treating me over the years for almost all my Acute and chronic problems.She is an excellent and very patient Doctor. When i was diagnosed with gestational diabetes during my last term of pregnancy she handled my Diabetes with homeopathy medicines which are safer and my sugar levels were immediately in control. My faith in Homeopathy has affirmed because of her treatments to my migraine, ovarian cyst etc to name a few. I would highly recommend Dr. Rozina to everyone. She is one of the best doctors I have ever interacted.


Dr Rozina has been a relief to us and was available when we needed her the most.
My 6 year old daughter was diagnosed with Influenza A few days back.The allopathic doctor gave her too many medications which was deemed unnecessary for a small child. Our homeopath, Dr Rozina has been a relief to us and was available when we needed her the most. Her fever used to spike up to 104+ most of the nights and used to subside only early mornings. Appropriate Medicines prescribed by Our Homeopath and frequent consultations, our daughter is finally free of the sickness in less than a week .In our experience, homeopathy cures the sickness but belief and consistency in the medicine also plays a vital role . Thanks to Dr Rozina and the staff at Roya Medical Centre which very helpful and co cooperative at our most difficult times.


Stage 3 Pneumonia was left to homeopathy…
मिजाज़ ए इश्क होम्योपैेथिक है उनका….. मुददत से वो मीठी गोली दिए जा रहे हैं…. मरीज़ ए इश्क़ देखिये मुददत से हम मीठी गोली से ठीक भी हो रहे हैं….!!
I have been visiting Dr Rozina for about 12 years now… From the time my child was named Gudiya in her file and later update to her passport name… I still remember how she said Maasha allah looking at my lil one …aged four days when I needed to consult for her …. N how she also stayed up alert the entire night when despite 2 courses of heavy anti biotics, detection and remedial course of a stage 3 Pneumonia was left to homeopathy… My husband transformed from a non-believer to advocating homeopathic thence and this case paper was presented at one of the Arab Health conferences too..!! A confluence of expertise by education n experience , compassion and empathy, and a word of mouth of happy patients working as ones natural advertisement makes Dr Rozina a hit with those who want to find medical solutions with the alternative medicine therapies…!!


Febrile convulsions Homeopathy proved a complete cure
We have known Dr. Rozina for over a decade and it’s a very comforting feeling when we reach out to her for any consultation and advice. Her knowledge, experience and confidence in treating any ailment is unparalled. With her accurate diagnose and a clear focus on addressing the root cause of a given ailment she manages to instill the right confidence in a patient’s mind . Specially for my son Kshitij then 5 years old diagnosed with Febrile convulsions Homeopathy proved a complete cure .We have referred her to many of our friends and have always had a positive feedback. We are happy to recommend her as one of the best homeopathy doctors.


Effective treatment comes from a good heart
Dr. Rozina Zaheer is an amazing doctor and a beautiful human being. My journey as one of her many patients began in 2003 and since then, all my family members have developed a deep trust in her expertise to deal with any kind of ailment. My teenage kids visit her clinic all by themselves for treatment or any medical assistance. The faith of today’s youth speaks volumes of Dr. Rozina’s unique way of treating all her patients to good health. She has also treated my pet with utmost ease when the case was hopeless and tough. Effective treatment comes from a good heart.


We have been Dr Rozina’s patient for about 10 years
We have 3 daughters – Kanika, Kashish and Vanshika and we have always believed that homeopathy treatment is best for children. 20 years in UAE and finding a Good Homeopath had always been a challenge.A friend of ours recomended Dr Rosina, and since then my children have got a good homeopathy treatment. Most of our problems are taken care of in not more than 4-5 days,Infact my family was relieved of the myth that homeopathy is a slow treatment.
We have been Dr Rosina’s patient for about 10 years and we thank you Doctor for taking care of our children. If not for you, my children would have been victims of antibiotics at a very early age.


Very effective and her diagnosis accurate
I have been a patient of Dr. Rozina Zaheer for the past 5 years. Homeopathic medicine has always suited me, so when I needed some treatment in UAE, I sought out a Homeo practitioner. Through close relatives, I heard about Dr. Rozina and decided to consult her. I have found her treament to be very effective and her diagnosis accurate. Due to my good experience with the doctor, I would definitely recommended her to anyone intending to pursue homeopathic treatment for any ailment. My gratitude for the patience and care that she displays in every consultation. I wish her all the best in all her future endeavors.


She is professional and friendly
Dr Rozina has helped me a lot for several issues. Through her knowledge and gentle methods of homeopathy I feel much better. She is professional and friendly and going to her is always my first choice.


Lichen Planus
It was shocking to know that my son who wasn’t even 4 years old was diagnosed with Lichen Planus. Like all other parents we got him tested and even started the treatment for the same. Unfortunately, there isn’t a cure for this in allopathy, only topical creams (containing steroids)to be applied. Dr. Rosina has been very helpful and patient with us and assured that our son will be cured but it will take a few months as this disease has to be eradicated from his system. His case had aggravated and on consulting the immunologist, the result was to intake medications with steroids to bring relief to the itching and inflammation that comes with the sickness. We chose to not follow allopathic medications after this and persistently believed and continued homeopathy. It wasn’t easy as we had stopped topical steroid creams , due to which there were eruptions all over his body, even under his feet. I can say now that my son is almost cured. The eruptions have left scars which are slowly fading away and he’s happier now . Thanks to Dr Rozina and homeopathy without whom this would have not been possible.