What is Acupuncture
Acupuncture is the art of inserting needles in the skin to induce its effect in regulation and harmonization of the body energy system by increasing or decreasing the flow of it in the meridians.

As the many of human being knowledge most of the traditional methods which are discovered by any nation or a group of peoples have no strict defined date of beginning acupuncture is first to found in the (Huang Di Nie Jin) the Chinese Yellow Medicine Classic which was compiled between 500-200 B.C. during the WARRNG states time.
Since that acupuncture has developed and been summarized into the rich coherent system of theory and clinical knowledge utilized are present.

How Acupuncture Acts
It’s the of reducing and killing pain by releasing an internal endorphins which act as a very potent analgesic and on the other hand promote a good physiology effect by increasing the blood and energy supply to the affected organ or part of the body along the meridians pathway.
Acupuncture also known as a method of improving the body immunity and rising the body self defense.

Is Acupuncture Curable Or Rehabilitate Treatment
Acupuncture is used as both cure and rehabilitate, curable when there is no anatomical lost or change and rehabilitate when there is anatomical lost or change.


Diseases which can be treated by acupuncture
Acupuncture can help in treat or improve a wide range of illness:
-Pain of the Large joints (Hip, Knee, Shoulder and Ankle)
-Pain in the neck ( cervical) and lumbosacral (Herniate discs).
-Headache (Migraine – Tension).
-Psychosomatic disorders and Depression – Insomnia and stress.
-Asthma – Allergic rhinitis.
-Bowel diseases (Irritable bowel & Ulcerative colitis).
-Man & woman libido (Disturbed desire).
-Infertility in both sex (Women & Man).
-Impotence, Infantile colic, Enuresis (Bed witting)
-Quit smoking, Obesity (Weight reduction).
-Pelvic inflammation and nonspecific abdominal pain.
-Period pain (Dysmenorrhea).
-Lactation insufficiency.
-IVF increasing success of ovulation.
-Malposition of the fetus, Amenorrhea, Menopause
-Postpartum uterine bleeding (Uterine Inertia).